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Prudential Ride 100 - August 2019

Teacher Tom Lloyd raised £500 for KET!

Sundays are made for a good bike ride and a hearty lunch afterwards.  Sunday the 4th of August was made for a monster 100 mile ride through the lanes and hills of Surrey and London with some monster flapjacks to fuel the way!  To see thousands of bikes descend on Queen Elizabeth Park at 6am was akin to seeing ants summoned by the summertime delights of a melted ice lolly on the ground.  All of this can only be for one reason - the Prudential Ride London.  A phenomenal event with hundreds of worthy charities supported and without a car in sight!  Few riders, I might add, sporting their own custom designed jersey for race day!  The key focus when designing the jersey was to capture the story of the trust and one that would start conversation with others, spreading the good word of KET and to make more people aware.

Thanks must be given to Ben for asking me to ride for the KET this year and also to Sylvia for all of the material and social media work.  I was lucky to be in a position to accept the challenge and it is one that I will always remember for several reasons:

1) We live in a gorgeous part of the World

2) It feels amazing to get out there

3) You meet some amazing people and hear some fantastic stories

4) Overcoming challenges in the build up make the day itself even better

5) Challenges always provide a fantastic sense of perspective


Upon completion of the ride and after some reflection (and a big refuelling of pasta!) the above points seemed to resonate with the work of the trust.  KET are providing the youngsters and locals of Kohima with opportunities to broaden their horizons, strengthen their skills and meet some incredibly inspiring people in the process. The fact that we raised £500 for KET was wonderful and I'm delighted to have helped such a deserving cause!

I dip my cycling helmet to you all for you hard work and commitment to supporting the people of Kohima and wish you all the very best in the future.



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