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Kohima Battle Seminar Gurkha Museum - 7th November 2019

The Battle of Kohima

Our CEO Sylvia May joins lecturer Tim Bean, and others, for a seminar on the battle of Kohima, arranged by the Defence Surveyor's Association held at the Gurkha Museum in Winchester.



Tim Bean is the senior lecturer in War Studies, Royal Military College Sandhurst.

"The Battle of Kohima"

In 1944, the all conquering Imperial Japanese Army launched a major offensive against India's north-east frontier.  Against a backdrop of mountainous jungle terrain, monsoon rains and hazardous lines of communication, British, Indian, Gurkha, African, American, Chinese and local indigenous tribes took on a dogged and menacing enemy in some of the hardest fought and bloodiest engagements in history.


Lt Col Mike Tickner, RLC, The Land Warfare Centre

"Sustain to Victory" 

The 14th Army fought in the most challenging terrain, in the most demanding climate against the most brutal of enemies and was sustained by the most fragile of communication.  Yet, by Spring 1945a hungry, ragged and disease-ridden Japanese army was in full retreat from Burma into Siam and Malaya.  This presentation considers how innovation, determination and every means of resupply were exploited to sustain the 14th Army to victory.


Stuart Wheeler, Archive Manager, The Tank Museum, Bovington

"Armour and the 14th Army"

This presentation examines the use and employment of armour by the 14th Army in Burma, the Japanese anti-tank response and how the 14th Army overcame numerous challenges in a theatre thought by many to be unsuitable for the widespread use of tanks.


Sylvia May, CEO of The Kohima Educational Trust

Sylvia introduces the video documentary about Kohima and the work of the Kohima Educational Trust, narrated by Diana Rigg.

In the photos below, Tim Bean speaks at the event organised by the Defence Survey Association, and the second shows KET CEO Sylvia May being presented with a cheque by the President of the DSA.

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