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Kohima Schools

Reference Library Project

Hundreds of titles were selected for the Trust's gift of a Library to serve the schools of Kohima. The goal is to provide a collection of vocational books as well as atlases, encyclopedias and dictionaries. The library is currently located in the main town library.

A valuable collection of reference books has been added recently to the school reference library from the personal collection of Mr Alexander Carmichael of Tynemouth, Tyne & Wear. The library continues to grow. 

Anyone who would like to present reference books suitable for school use in any subject is invited to send details to the Secretary. If the books are approved by Mr Pheluopfelie Kesiezie, Chairman of the Kohima Educational Society in Kohima, KET will pay the cost of carriage.

Dictionaries for High Schools

KES plans to gift a good dictionary to every Nagaland High School. Following a survey of teachers, the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary was selected. This is just the sort of practical, small scale project that KES feels will be a very effective step towards fulfilling their aims and those of KET.

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07 Oct 2019
The Veterans’ Foundation is delighted to give a grant to the Kohima Educational Trust.
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